Call Tracking for Small Business Marketing Campaigns

Valpak’s call recording / call tracking software provides conversation intelligence on incoming call data to simplify and streamline your marketing efforts. By using a unique phone number on each part of your Valpak ad campaign, you can accurately attribute the quantity of inbound calls your advertising generates. Listen in on the call recordings to coach your salesforce or call center on best call practices to optimize the overall customer experience (and your conversion rates!).

How Our Call Tracking Solution Works

  • You receive a lead generation phone number to appear on your ad (recommend 1 per marketing channel) with call routing integration. For example, 1 call tracking number for a postcard ad, 1 for your social media campaign, 1 for digital marketing, etc.
  • When a potential customer dials that call routing / tracking number, the call rings through to your pre-selected business phone number.
  • Call recordings and call data (date / time / length of call) are captured and reported in a call analytics dashboard.

Call Tracking Platform Features

  • Turnkey phone number provisioning of toll free numbers or local* numbers (*based on availability)
  • Call recordings, call summary reports and an easy-to-use call tracking dashboard
  • Pre-call “whisper” function that notifies you that a call is coming through your call tracking line
  • Custom wind-down: Ad campaigns with Valpak have a long shelf-life, so we keep your call tracking phone number active for a set period after your mailing to continue driving calls
  • Call notifications when your staff misses a call (doesn’t answer), receives a good lead or both

call tracking platform details screen

Call Tracking as a Salesforce Management Tool

With call tracking software, you know the days and times of the week you receive the highest call volume, so you can increase your staff / call center count during peak hours and reduce it otherwise.

The ability to listen to call recordings can be used as a performance management tool too. Listen to phone calls to better understand the customer journey and how your staff interacts with customers. Is the team handling calls well / appropriately? Do they need additional training or coaching? What kinds of questions are callers asking when they dial in? Call recordings can be a goldmine of info to help a small business make smarter staffing and marketing decisions.

Top 10 Call Tracking Business Categories

From healthcare to home services, any small business can benefit from the automation and conversation analytics call tracking provides. Here are the top 10 industries we see call tracking success in for our clients, based on direct mail call volume:

  1. Window / Glass / Door
  2. Heating / Air Conditioning
  3. Roofing and Siding
  4. Home Remodeling / Construction
  5. Banks
  6. Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning
  7. Lawn And Garden Maintenance
  8. Auto Repair
  9. Pizza Restaurants
  10. Dentists

Contact your local Valpak for pricing and to learn more about how call tracking drives campaign performance and why you should consider it as part of your marketing strategy.