As we closely monitor the latest COVID-19 updates, Valpak continues to prioritize the health and safety of our employees, their families and the neighborhoods that make up our nearly 36 million monthly circulation.

We’ve taken proactive measures for business continuity and remain fully operational at this time, so you can expect your ad to arrive in homes as scheduled. Our top priority, besides the health of our team members, is you – our customers.

There are numerous measures we’ve taken internally to mitigate any interruption in deliveries.

  1. We are minimizing risks to our printing and mailing processes and production employees by restricting access to the facility to only those who are mission critical.
  2. We have instituted increased facility cleaning protocols at our buildings.
  3. Our facilities remain highly automated, as always, so the first human hands to touch the ads in the envelope are the household recipients.
  4. Employees who have traveled recently or been exposed to large crowds have been asked to work from home for a period of time.
  5. We are aggressively promoting and supporting traditional flu prevention methods with all employees, including encouraging employees to stay home if feeling ill.
  6. Finally, we have also made the decision to suspend all travel, with limited exceptions

Considering this, we would like to address your business’s health with Valpak:

  • Financial uncertainty, coupled with an unprecedented new work-from-home lifestyle, is creating an extremely unique opportunity for us to present valuable cost-savings to prospective customers in need of goods and services.
  • Top-of-mind brand awareness for your company will be sustained or grow in market share when consumer confidence bounces back.
  • Our 92% open rate should rise as consumers are looking for ways to save.
  • 80% of households look through every insert, and in a new work-from-home environment, we have a captive audience in the mailbox.

All of us at Valpak remain dedicated to helping you connect with consumers during this challenging time. The health of your business is the health of our business.

We sincerely thank you for putting your trust in Valpak. We’re ready to help you continue to grow your businesses, leveraging all our experience, data analysis tools and industry knowledge.