Marketing Analytics With Performance Tracking

The proof is in the results. Measure the success of your ad spend with greater accuracy using Valpak performance tracking solutions. Our tools show you how consumers respond to your marketing campaigns. Incoming calls, web traffic and activity on your digital coupon are just a few ways we measure the success of your program.

By tracking every call, click and print resulting from your offer, you gain greater insight into both successes and opportunities. Our unique tools and online dashboard enable you to shift focus or fine-tune your messaging when needed to ensure continued campaign success.

Performance Tracking

It’s easy to track the performance of your print and digital marketing campaigns with Valpak’s performance dashboard. Whether it’s phone calls, direct traffic to your dedicated web address or activity on your profile, you’ll know!

What’s Tracked:

  • Valpak print distribution
  • com business profile page traffic
  • Landing page or microsite visits
  • Call tracking phone calls

Marketing Analytic Insights

Understand which offers are influencing your consumers so you can increase your investment where it’s working and reduce it where it’s not.

Response Tracking

Use the real-time performance dashboard to track every action made in response to your marketing campaigns and account for every marketing dollar you spend for improved ROI.

Comprehensive Reporting

You see what we see: the successes and the opportunities. Then we help you interpret the results and adopt strategies to optimize your campaign for success.

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Call Tracking

Using a unique phone number on every part of your Valpak campaign helps you monitor the quantity and quality of phone responses your advertising generates.

Call tracking software counts and analyzes phone calls generated by your campaign. It even records the calls to give you insight into staff-customer interactions: how well does your staff handle calls? What kinds of questions are potential customers asking?

Information about calls is captured and reported in an easy and actionable format, including the date and time of calls and call recordings.

Performance Management

The ability to listen to call recordings can be used as a performance management tool. Our user-friendly dashboard analyzes response patterns so you can staff more efficiently.

More Efficiency

Know the days and times of the week you receive the highest call volume to increase your staff count during peak periods and reduce it otherwise.

Campaign Analytics

Include a unique call tracking number on different parts of your campaign and gain insight into where most of your leads are coming from with our call tracking metrics.

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