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Reach Your Target Audience with Display Ads on Mobile Devices

Mobile display ads are a form of advertising where you can target mobile ads to mobile users with pinpoint accuracy based on location, interest and purchase intent. Simply put, it is placing banner ads on mobile apps and mobile web pages on the Android / Apple smartphones and tablets people use every day. This precise and easy-to-scale digital advertising format can increase brand awareness, foot traffic and sales.

The average U.S. adult spends more than 4.5 hours on their mobile phone per day. Given the importance of mobile devices in consumers’ lives, it’s wise to consider mobile advertising through a trusted ad network of local and regional publishers as part of your overall marketing strategy.

Benefits of Mobile Marketing Campaigns

  • Connect with potential customers on mobile devices they interact with throughout the day
  • Create connections with potential customers based on their current and past locations
  • Target potential customers who have engaged with your business / brand or with the types of products and services you provide
  • Target based on proximity, radius or on-location or target potential customers based on behaviors like fitness, shopping or specific brand affinity
  • Drive engagement and actions like online ordering, click to call or driving directions with interactive mobile web and in-app ad formats
  • Measure metrics / KPIs in real time: number of impressions, mobile devices reached, clicks and location visits

(Residential targeting is also available for businesses with targeted address mailing lists.)

Is Mobile Marketing a Good Fit for My Business?

While mobile advertising works for many businesses, there are 6 industries where you can expect the most success for your ad spend:

  1. Automotive: Car sales, oil & lube, car repair, car wash and detail
  2. Dining: All types + delivery
  3. Entertainment: Theaters, events, experiences, play / sport venues
  4. Fitness: Gyms, golf courses, fitness studios and franchises
  5. Health & beauty: Doctors, dentists, chiropractors, day spas, salons
  6. Home retail: Appliance stores, hardware stores, grocery stores

What Do Mobile Phone Ads Look Like? (Format)

You’ve seen them plenty of times before! Mobile ads are the rectangular banner ads above, inside and below pictures and images on popular websites.

How Important is Mobile Ad Creative?

Extremely important. In fact, crucial to the success of your campaign. Run mobile ad campaigns with unique images, clear calls to action and intuitive touch points to drive results.

The Mobile Advertising User Experience

  • Banner advertisement displays on smartphone / mobile device; potential customer clicks it.
  • Click opens a mobile-friendly, expanded ad landing page with more information like store directions.
  • Another click directs the potential customer to your e-commerce website for even more details or they go directly to your store.
  • When the potential customer visits your store with their mobile device, a visit is reported.

Cost-Effective Mobile Ad Pricing

Valpak mobile display ads are a cost-effective digital marketing solution priced based on cost per impression (CPI) rather than cost per action (CPA). We optimize mobile advertising campaigns to reach the best mobile user demographics and require a minimum of 100,000 impressions.

More Digital Advertising Formats

In addition to mobile ads, Valpak offers a variety of digital ad types, including programmatic display ad campaigns, search engine / Google ad placement, social media ads, web design and online business listings. Click the phone number on this page to contact us today to discuss your mobile advertising strategies or to determine which format of digital advertising works best for your business.