Medicare & RMD Postcard Advertising

Medicare & RMD postcard program
Many seniors reaching Medicare eligibility or retirement account required minimum distribution (RMD) have questions about requirements and options. Which Medicare plan is the best fit? When is open enrollment and what are my options? Do RMD rules for withdrawals apply to my retirement plan? Are there any IRS distribution rules or exceptions for retirement income? Establish yourself as a trusted advisor with postcards in the mail providing free consultations and one-on-one help as deadlines approach. Postcard marketing materials to these audiences works.

Half of seniors read direct mail from insurers.

As many as 1 in 4 read mailers even when not shopping for insurance.

Source: Kern Health

Medicare Postcard Advertising Program

medicare postcard program

Insurance agents, insurance brokers and health care groups nationwide have successfully used these postcards as Medicare brochures to promote:

  • Medicare 101 seminars
  • Free consultations
  • Comparing Medicare insurance plans
  • Open enrollment (AEP)
  • New to Medicare health reviews
  • Their contact information

Our Medicare insurance mailers reach consumers who will age into Medicare within months and need to elect coverage. Mailing lists are updated with each mailing and limited to one recipient per household per campaign.

RMD Postcard Advertising Program

RMD postcard program

Financial advisors and tax professionals have successfully used these postcards as retirement fund brochures to promote wealth management resources:

  • RMD 101 seminars
  • Free consultations
  • RMD calculators / distribution period
  • RMD amount and taxable income
  • First RMD FAQ
  • Their contact information

Our RMD age postcards reach retirement account owners who will age into the first year of required minimum distributions within months and need to withdraw funds. Mailing lists are updated with each mailing and limited to one recipient per household per campaign. RMD retirement fund postcards are prioritized by wealth rating.

If you’re not running a postcard mailing program, chances are, your competition is!

Mailer Program Details

Each postcard mailer is a 6” x 9” stand-alone postcard. You can choose from our postcard templates (postcard samples) or a custom design. Pick the ZIP codes you want to mail and we’ll handle the rest!

Mailer Postcard Pricing

Our automated postcard advertising service is the affordable direct mail solution to target your ideal audience for around $1 per card.

Visit our postcards page for additional opportunities to advertise Medicare supplement insurance, open enrollment (AEP), prescription drug plans, brokerage services, Roth IRAs / traditional IRAs, tax advisor services, annuities and more with postcards.