New Mover Direct Mail Postcards

Whether moving across town or cross-country, leasing an apartment or buying a new home, consumers are apt to switch service providers or try a new business when they move. New mover programs work because “welcome, new neighbors” special offers in the mail resonate with this audience.

new mover direct mail postcards
While new mover mailers are a popular, profitable marketing vehicle for all types of businesses, consumers are most likely to switch these service providers when they move:

  1. Cable/internet
  2. Pharmacy
  3. Dentist
  4. Physician
  5. Auto service

New homeowners, and sometimes renters, are also likely to switch certain home service providers, most often:

  1. Lawn care
  2. Plumbing
  3. Home remodeling
  4. Pest control
  5. Handyman services

Receiving a small business mailer with a discount influences new movers to try new service providers and retailers too, most often:

  1. Restaurants
  2. Clothing/department stores
  3. Auto services
  4. Specialty retail
  5. Beauty services

If you’re not running some sort of new mover mailing program to get new customers, chances are, your competition is!

Target New Movers with Postcard Marketing

new mover postcard template
Increase advertising response rates when you mail postcards with a strong call to action and your contact information to new movers. Include a unique phone number and QR code to further track the performance of your monthly mailings.

You can choose from 2 new mover audience demographics when mailing:

1. All New Movers

Includes all new residents in a ZIP code (new homeowners and renters), personalized postcard by first or last name: “Welcome to the neighborhood, Amber!”

2. New Mover to a New ZIP Code

Only includes new homeowners and renters who have moved to a new ZIP code (new community), personalized postcard by first or last name: “Hello and welcome, Garcia family!”

Valpak’s proprietary data assets are what set us apart from other marketing companies. Most of our competitors don’t support even 10% of what we host in-house. Both new mover mailing lists we provide are updated each mailing.

New Mover Marketing Campaign Program Details

new mover direct mail postcard
Each new mover mailer is a 6” x 9” full color postcard. Personalization is available and you can choose from our new mover postcard design templates or a custom design. Pick the ZIP codes and number of postcards you want to mail and we’ll handle the rest!

New Mover Mailing Services Pricing

New mover postcards are the affordable direct mail solution to target your ideal audience and increase response for around $1 per card.

Visit our automated postcard service page for additional audience options, including new homeowner postcards and birthday mailers.