Circular, Booklet & Flyer Advertising

Need more space to showcase your products and services? Our multi-panel Flyers, Circulars and Booklets give you tons of options to show off your menu, photos, locations and other business information


How We Drive Results

We get your message across.

Fifty-six percent (56%) of postcards are read by recipients, making them hands-down the most read direct-mail format available.* Choosing a postcard as your Solo Direct Mail product is the best way to ensure consumers see your ad and offers. Need more space? We have numerous other formats we can customize to your needs.

We don’t waste coverage.

Solo Direct Mail mailing lists are customized to reach the audience that best fits your marketing needs and budget. Commonly requested lists include carrier routes, age, income, families with children, home ownership, and businesses.

We mail on your schedule.

Your business is unlike any other. So, why stick to a schedule for your marketing that has nothing to do with your business? Solo Direct Mail lets you choose when you want your offer to arrive in homes.

*Inmar Press Release, “Inmar Reports Continued Growth for Digital Coupons in Q1 2014.” May 5, 2014

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