On Envelope Premier Placement

You notice a magazine’s cover more than the inside pages, don’t you? Valpak offers the same dynamic exposure in its envelope advertising – but for a much lower price. Make your ad the first one people see when they get their Blue Envelope in the mail and boost your brand exposure. We call this premier positioning On-Pak.

Valpak is already the most recognized direct mail marketing brand, with 8 in 10 households* opening the envelope and engaging with the offers inside. When your ad stars on the envelope along with a coupon inside, you double audience impressions and make an indelible mark on homeowners with buying power.

On-envelope advertising is proven to increase brand awareness in your target market. It drives more traffic to your door and your website. Talk to your local marketing consultant today to learn more about the benefits of On-Pak.


How We Drive Results

We get you noticed.

The Blue Envelope is the most recognized direct mail brand, with 8 in 10 households (82%)* opening it and looking through the coupon offers. Your ad on the outside of our flagship product will drive store and Web traffic and increase your overall brand awareness in the neighborhood.

We break through the clutter.

On-Pack gives you front-row exposure similar to the cover of a magazine or a solo direct mail postcard – but at a much more affordable price. Your brand will get double the impressions with both On-Pack and a coupon inside the Blue Envelope.

*2014 Valpak® Readership Study, Research Now®, October 2014

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