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social media advertising

Social Media Messaging Is More Than Hashtags and Influencers

From LinkedIn to Snapchat to TikTok, you have a plethora of social media platforms and advertising options to choose from when building your ecommerce / digital marketing strategy. So which social networks are the top performing for your small business? Which are the most cost-effective? Which will drive the most brand awareness? The most conversions? The best return on ad spend? In the end, what are you business goals (what do you want to get out of social ads)? Start with the most popular social media sites for your user base and scale your social media marketing campaigns from there.

Reach Your Target Demographics with Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads

With nearly 3 billion Facebook users and 2 billion Instagram users to date, the Meta advertising platforms are lead generation channels that promote brand awareness and help engage potential customers. When you partner with Valpak on your social media ad campaigns, we help you select the best target audience / demographics, reach and creative format (news feed ads, carousel, video ads, story ads, reels, etc.). You approve the social media strategy, messaging and design before campaign launch and can view reporting metrics via Facebook Ad Manager at any time.

Types of Ads Available (Choose Your Format)

Reach & Clicks Ad Campaign

Targeted number of users reached and optimized for driving traffic to a landing page. Choose this format for:

Reach & Leads Ad Campaign

Targeted number of users reached and optimized for leads generated, with real-time lead delivery. Choose this format for:

  • Lead generation
  • Appointment booking

Stop Scrolling! Here’s Why Valpak Facebook & Instagram Advertising Is the Best Choice

  1. We guarantee your social ad campaign reach. This is not possible if you buy from Facebook social platforms directly.
  2. Our in-house artists design your Facebook or Instagram ad to ensure the messaging and offer is communicated effectively.
  3. Your social media ad is geo-targeted to reach target users based on the desired radius, ZIP code, city or state.
  4. If running in conjunction with a print ad campaign, you can adjust the target market to drive more impressions and boost conversion rates.
  5. More in-depth targeting by social media user demographics (to millennial Facebook users for example) enables you to improve ad spend efficiency and ROI.

Increase Click-Through Rates & Conversions with Effective Digital Marketing

Valpak provides a full suite of digital marketing solutions beyond Instagram and Facebook advertising, including SEO business listings on (millions of active users), display ad formats for mobile devices, custom website / landing page design services and search engine marketing (SEM) types of ads to drive website traffic. Contact our team of marketing strategy professionals via the chat messenger, talk to us on LinkedIn, tweet us or call your local Valpak office to learn more about social advertising pricing and other small business digital marketing opportunities.