Ace & A Heating & Air Conditioning

Speaker: Debbie Owens, President

Ace & A has been a Valpak client for over 25 years. I’m second generation. My daughter is fixing to take over third generation. We advertise with Valpak because we wanted to grow our company. We wanted to succeed. We wanted to be more than just a local company. We wanted to be a county company. They walk me through my advertising needs. I’m an office person. I don’t know what my advertising needs are so my sales rep comes in here, tells me what is best for our company, and walks me through the steps of doing it so I can focus more on my daily duties.

In the months that we advertise with Valpak, we are seeing at least a 60 to 70% increase in business. When they say they’re going to make your phones ring they actually make your phones ring. We can always tell when we’ve got Valpak in the mail. We get at least a 60 to 70% return for customers that call us. Our other ones were maybe getting a 30 to 40% return. Some of the others we weren’t even getting 20%. Valpak produces results. I would recommend Valpak to any company that wants to grow and succeed.