Achten’s Quality Roofing


Speaker: Gary Sparks, Sales Manager

Achten’s Roofing has been using Valpak now for over seven years and we’ve had very good success. We’ve found it to be a flexible program that allowed us to vary how we wanted to approach our contact with the customers. Valpak has proven to be a great way for us to get in front of customers and have our name on a piece of paper that they could then call us from. And it has worked really well for us.

When we get these calls from customers, we’re obviously asking them where and how did they hear about us. And up to half of the time, it’s through the Valpak. We had a big storm on Saturday and everybody had that Valpak coupon. We took in over 33 leads just on that day and over half of them were Valpak leads.

Our contact with Valpak is Steve Dowman and he has been wonderful to work with in helping us to determine what market areas we need to focus on. And when we need to pull back a little bit, he’ll help us with that. When we want to expand, he’ll help us to determine what would be the most effective use of our dollars.

We would definitely recommend Valpak to anybody looking to enhance their advertising. We find that it’s a pretty cost-effective way to get out in front of the customers we’re looking to touch base with and it gives us a lot of flexibility. And it’s something that we now have proven results that it works.

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