Aero Federal Credit Union



Speaker: Angie Avers, AVP/Marketing

Aero Federal Credit Union has been a client of Valpak for the past four months. I think, based on our new business with us expanding into our new expanded field of membership, it’s helped us target areas that we didn’t think we could target at a very effective cost.

The tracking and reporting that Valpak gives me is critical to our business, obviously, for a couple of reasons: A; lead generation and B; ROI. With us having the capability of showing that we can put a code on there, we can use those codes to put into our system, so that way we can verify the two. We can determine what the ROI is. We can determine how many leads have been produced as a result of that.

The other thing I really like is that they record the phone calls that come in, so we can actually use those for training purposes with our team. I love the graphs. It kind of shows who’s called in. It provides me a phone number, kind of a name. The recordings are great. We can use those as sales tools for our new employees that are coming on.

I think that for us, targeting those new areas, it’s helping us produce lead generation, as well as ROI from the large audience that we’re able to target. I would recommend Valpak for a couple of reasons. First is the reporting, I feel, is crucial to our business, as well as it’s helping me hit the mass that I need to grow my business.

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