Affordable Granite & Cabinetry Outlet

Speaker: Elston Quiles, Manager

Hey, my name is Elston Guiles. I work at Affordable Granite and Cabinetry. We’ve been dealing with Valpak for about eight years now. One of my favorite things about Valpak is when a customer comes in and I already know that they’re looking for something that’s affordable, and usually with us, not everything’s always affordable. They almost seem like they have an ace up their sleeve and they have this little smile and I’m like, “Huh, I wonder what is going on?”

And then they pull out this little paper and I’m like, “Wow, what is that?” And you find out that you actually can afford the granite that you didn’t know you could and now that’s on us to live up to it. But they’re so happy when they can get something that they initially didn’t think they’d be able to get. That makes us feel really good and then it makes us look good, so we appreciate that on Valpak’s part.

We deal with a couple of advertisers and they’re all okay, but none of them really give you the service you need. They don’t provide very much extra, they just come in and give you a piece of paper and then they leave.

But with Valpak, if a customer goes through you guys to get their granite and they need something, you guys have tracking that’s only with you guys where we can always find out exactly where this stuff is, and it’s really, really convenient to have. Valpak has been a tremendous asset to us. I love having it. It’s very convenient.

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