All American BBQ


Speakers: Mike Musantry, Owner & Gerald Baker, Owner

Male 1: All American BBQ’s been a Valpak client approximately five months now and in order to get our name out and get the customers to know that we were here, we needed to send it out to as many customers as possible. So we used Valpak to go out there and advertise our restaurant.

Male 2: Well, with All American BBQ being new and my partner very comfortable with the rep, and after we talked about it, using Valpak, the circulation among the valley and Los Angeles would give us a lot of exposure with us trying to get new business into our new establishment.

Male 1: The Valpak experience has been good because they’ve not only been coming in to use the coupons for whatever they’re using it for, they would also purchase a beer or a dessert and we do sell a lot more than just the coupon that they’re coming in with.

Well, at All American BBQ we’ve advertised with a few different companies because we’re fairly new and at the end of the day, we see which coupons came in, whether it be digital or physical coupons itself and Valpak has by far had more customers walking through our door than anyone else.

My rep from Valpak has been a pleasure and we have a great relationship.

Male 2: You know we have reps that come in, they just come in just to be reps. But she actually has an interest in us. I think being a new business owner, a lot of companies prey on you to solicit their business. And from my experience, since we’ve been using Valpak, I would tell anybody the best way to go is with Valpak. You can go out on your own and experience it, but then I’ll be the one to tell you I told you so.

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