All Seasons Table


Speaker: Jackie Bouley, PR Manager

My name is Jackie Bouley. I’m a manager at All Seasons Table, 64 Pleasant Street in Malden, and we have been a Valpak client for almost six years now. We felt that the opportunity to have a coupon off on your meal, I think people like that. The circulation was very big and it covered a lot of territory, not just Malden, surrounding communities as well, and that was helpful and we felt we’d give it a shot.

We get a lot of coupons. Especially on the busy weekends, I see a lot coming in. People are using them. They’re printing them at home. They’re using them on their phones. You know, it’s a deal. People love discounts, they love coupons, they love coupon clipping. And I see no reason why you wouldn’t want to use a Valpak coupon, especially for a business that’s just starting or a business that’s been operating for 20 years.

As a consumer, I always thought that if you were in Valpak, your business was hurting and you needed to advertise it for some reason. After working here for the time that I have in the capacity that I have, I see the positive impact it has on the business and on the community because there are so many great offers in there. I would recommend Valpak to any business; especially even a new business because I see the positive impact it has on this business. Plus, I know of other businesses that are in Valpak that are doing very well. So it would be a no-brainer. I would definitely recommend it.

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