AquaGuard Foundation

Speaker: Kate Swarthout, Marketing Director

Aquaguard has been a Valpak client for about a year and a half to two years now, and we’ve seen leaps and bounds what Valpak can actually do for us in bringing us clients. We chose to advertise with Valpak because they have a great name in the market place and they are always willing to work with you, to bring in new clients for us.

We actually generated about 500 leads last year from Valpak, which is great. We love all the income that has come in from all of those leads and generated into clients, so it’s positively boosted all of our business. Valpak is seen as a trusted source.

My idea of Valpak has actually, really shifted because they’re more than just the direct coupon mailer that comes to peoples’ homes; they do all things online with the Internet, targeting specific people, so the idea that Valpak is just a coupon mailer is blown out the window.

Valpak always brings in way more leads than any of the other direct mail campaigns that we have, and they are always there for you. I can call up my account rep and he can change anything at the drop of a hat and really willing to work with us if we have a sale, implementing it in a timely manner and they have been great to work with.

I would definitely recommend Valpak to other businesses because number one, first and foremost, it generates tons of leads for us. They either call us on our unique phone number, or they actually fill out the information online on our website. It has generated us a ton of clients.