Arlington Auto & Tire

Speaker: Moose Oakley, Manager

My name is Moose Oakley and I’ve been with the company Arlington Auto & Tire for about 8 years now. And overall, with the whole entire company because we own three stores, is over 15 years. And we started with Valpak for about 8 years now and it’s been phenomenal ever since.

Valpak reaches a variety of customers that are out there and we also try to keep it local. Well, what’s good about the East Coast here is we have all four seasons and in the summer time we do a lot of advertising with air conditioning, and of course, the winter time, the heat. The heat is very essential to the customers out there. As of right now, from day one, we started with Valpak. And we tried RedPlum, we tried other advertisers, but Valpak was the best.

When they received their coupons in the mail, you know, obviously, it’s advertised for Arlington Auto & Tire, and then when we get here, we meet and greet. You know, it’s all about the image. What I like about the . . . not only it’s on the fliers that come in through the mail, it also hits their phone, you know, on their mobile apps. Even if they’re in the area, it’ll tell you which direction to go, which store to go into.

I recommend Valpak if you want to reach out to a million plus customers. And it works. We are living proof that it works.

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