Arslanian Brothers

Speaker: Ted Arslanian, President

I’m Ted Arslanian. I’m the owner and president of Arslanian Brothers Rug Cleaning Company. We’ve been with Valpak for 15 years. We looked into different direct mail advertisers, and we found Valpak to suit us because they service such a large area in northern Ohio.

We cater to upper income homes. But, we advertise to everyone. Everyone is a potential customer. But we like to target the ZIP codes that have larger homes, higher income levels, because bigger the home, the more carpeting and the rugs they have.

We track our customers. Seventy percent of our business we get would be a repeat. When we get a new customer, we go online to see where we got that customer from. And in many cases, the customer has a Valpak coupon. That’s where they noticed us. When we get a coupon back from a customer, we’ll put the dollar value on it. And, we actually track it manually. And so we can tell exactly what is coming in.

Jennifer has been our rep for as long as we have been dealing with Valpak. She knows the area. She helps us target areas that we may not be targeting. Valpak can help target that ZIP code. We service anywhere from 70 to 100 customers a day, so we want to target a lot of people. And we decided it is a media we want to get into because we are doing radio, we are doing newspaper. And we just want to do a little bit of direct mail.

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