Bath Fitter Jersey – O’Gorman Brothers


Speaker: Kyle O’Gorman, Vice President

My name is Kyle O’Gorman. Our company is Bath Fitter and we have been a Valpak client for 20 years now.

The reason we chose Valpak at Bath Fitter is because, being a home improvement company, we measure our marketing based on direct response advertising, and Valpak has always been a top performer in that regard from a direct response perspective.

Some of the benefits that we’ve experienced working with Valpak is that because we own multiple businesses in multiple territories, and being able to go through the same person that we’ve been working with for so long in multiple territories has been a great benefit for us.

Valpak compares to other direct mail companies that we’ve worked with in the past better in almost every regard because it’s a consistent performer for us, and we’ve actually had to drop other direct mail companies in the past, whereas with Valpak, we’ve been a client for the entire span that we’ve been in business here at Bath Fitter.

From a sales and marketing perspective, it’s easier for us to go in on one of a Valpak lead and actually close the sale because it’s so easily recognizable now amongst our customers because we’ve done it for such a consistent basis.

I would definitely recommend Valpak to other businesses, especially in our home improvement sector. We’re in the direct response advertising business and Valpak, in my opinion, is one of the best venues if you’re trying to achieve direct response.

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