Bellagio Car Wash


Speaker: Alex Arash, Owner

Bellagio Car Wash has been a customer of Valpak’s for seven and a half years. Working with Valpak has changed our business in the significant way of driving in new business and revenue. We’ve done social media, we’ve done even radio ads, we’ve done TV ads. We’ve done a variety of ads, even grocery stores, even direct marketing myself, but we’ve realized that for the best bang for the buck, it would be Valpak. The return rate for the value is phenomenal.

My sales rep for Valpak actually approached me about maybe close to two, two and a half years ago, and said, “Hey, we have this new program that’s for digital. Would you like to be a part of it?” He assured me again that it’s something that specifically would be great for my business in particular and it’s done extremely well. The majority of the customers actually come from the digital now these days.

Because I’m able to track each QR code for every zone and for every mailing, for every month, I’m able to realize and decide which zone is performing the best and I keep resending out monthly coupons to that particular zone.

One of the reasons I love Valpak so much is because I know my ROI, my rate of return on the investment, so I can see and track, and see the numbers myself, so that makes it all the better.

The very best thing that I like working with Valpak is my rep, Kevin Johnson, just makes it very easy and smooth, and nothing, no worries to worry about. Just, I put it in his hand and he runs with it.

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