Belmar Tourism


Speaker: Mary Brabazon, Tourism Administrator, Belmar Tourism Dept.

I’m Mary Brabazon. I am the Belmar Tourism Administrator for Belmar, New Jersey, and I’ve been using Valpak for the past six years.

I chose Valpak as an advertising tool because it’s really great value, and also I can reach a very large audience at one time.

I’ve seen an incredible return on my investment. It’s very clear that they reach the people I want to reach. So I use Valpak to promote some of the events that we have here during the year, specifically, say, Restaurant Tour, Oktoberfest, San Gennaro, and build awareness of those events. So I bring people from outside the area in, and Valpak is a really great tool to do that.

I had a perception of Valpak before I became a customer, but when I actually began to entertain the idea of using it as a tool, I was surprised at the results.

Valpak really is great value for money. Let’s start with that. Any of us who have advertising budgets are very aware of where we spend it, and also the ability to stretch your market from time to time, depending on what you’re trying to promote, Valpak meets all my needs with that.

I would and do recommend Valpak to other businesses, simply because if you have a small budget, it’s a really good spend. I feel it’s some of the best value around.

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