Case Study: Bianco Diamond Plumbing

ValpakĀ® Offers Increase Sales and Drive Consumer Traffic

Marketing Objective

Measure the effect mailing additional zones have on an existing campaign for Bianco Diamond Plumbing.

Mailing Strategy / Campaign

  • Mailed 100,000 households per month for two consecutive months in New Jersey; this represents an increase of 50,000 households per month
  • Previously, Bianco Diamond Plumbing alternated mailings by month between two unique groups of 50,000 households
  • Each mailing had the same creative and offers; the only difference was the addition of a unique telephone number used to track performance

Five high value offers were provided:

  • Free Service Call with Any Repair
  • $30 Off Any Repair
  • $50 Off Any Job of $250 or More
  • $100 Off A New Water Heater
  • $30 Off Furnace/Boiler Cleaner

Test Results

  • Overall, the campaign yielded a 109% gross return on investment (ROI)
  • Approximately 1 out of every 2 leads converted to a sale
  • The gross ROI grew each month: 89% in month one and 129% in month two


The test results confirm that Valpak is able to reach consumers that are responsive to offers within the home services category. The campaign also showed that with increased reach (i.e., circulation) and frequency, Valpak is still able to deliver a positive return on investment.

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