Blocky’s Eatery


Speaker: Chris Bailey, Owner

We’re an authentic East Coast style Italian pizzeria. We just started our fifth year and we’ve been with Valpak almost since the beginning. Barry, our sales rep, he’s a very diligent, very attention to detail guy. Not a lot of people have the work ethic he does. There are a lot of other similar types of mailers and publications. But they don’t get the quality customers that Valpak gets.

Valpak’s product is great. Everybody you deal with is great. They’re very professional. Everything’s done in a timely manner. Everything’s reviewed, proofs are reviewed, everything. And the interaction with the rep is very, very important. I believe that the training from Valpak to the reps probably has a positive impact. It’s very easy to track. You get a big response right after it goes in the mail, usually 5, 10, 15 a day. It’s very easy to count. It’s very easy to see the response. Whenever you do the ad, you’d better be staffed and ready for it. I definitely have and continue to recommend Valpak because it’s a great product.

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