Bob’s Burgers & Brew


Speaker: Jon Rickert, Part Owner/GM

Our Burlington Bob’s Burgers & Brew, we opened in 2004 and we started with Valpak when we first opened. Valpak worked very good for us in our first location, so we decided to take it to our other two locations and have been with them ever since. Bob’s corporate had used Valpak in the past, so when we opened Burlington in 2004, we were looking for a way to reach our customers. Valpak seemed to be the right fit for us, so we tried it and it worked. We got a huge response from it, a lot of customers were bringing in Valpak. We didn’t have to give away the farm, so to speak, so it was just the right fit for us at that time. Here, 12 years later, we’re still using it and still happy with them.

The big advantage of using Valpak is you can reach so many homes so quickly and it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. We get way more Valpaks back than probably all our other coupons combined. It’s our customer’s favorite coupon, it works the best for us and we get the most redemption by a lot on Valpak. We were a new business when we started with Valpak and boom; we were busy right off the bat. But I think Valpak was a big part in getting our new business, especially, off the ground and running. We feel that Valpak gives us the best coupon out there to get someone through our front door.

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