Case Study: Bottle King

Valpak® delivers positive retail results

Marketing Objective

Measure effectiveness of a Valpak mailing to drive traffic and sales to Bottle King locations.

Mailing Strategy / Campaign

  • Mailed a total of 880,000 single panel inserts in New Jersey split equally over two consecutive months
  • Mailed to households that were in proximity to a Bottle King retail location

Offers included:

  • $1 OFF Bottle of Vineyard Direct Wines
  • $15 OFF $100 Purchase of Vineyard Direct Wines

Test Results

  • The Valpak mailing generated a 5:1 gross return on investment (ROI)
  • Therefore for every $1 spent on Valpak more than $5 in gross sales were generated


The results of the program confirmed that the Valpak audience drove traffic and produced a positive return on investment. Overall, Bottle King turned a 5 for 1 gross return on every dollar they invested in their Valpak campaign while getting high-quality branding message and offers out to consumers living in close proximity to their retail locations.

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