Speaker: Chris Brandl, owner

My name’s Chris Brandl. I own Brandl Restaurant right here in downtown Belmar, in the Belmar Plaza. I’ve been advertising with Valpak for over seven years, and it’s going great.

I started out with a one sided, one zone, 10,000 home coupon, and I’ve evolved from that. Now we do over 100,000 homes. We do different packages.

I’ve done a lot of different things. I’ve done TV. I’ve done radio advertising. I like to measure things out and see what works best. I put Valpak up against any other competitor and Valpak over exceeds all of them.

I like that they’re so wide range, with different ways to create business and traffic for me. I mean the digital they have, you know, digital’s awesome for us. You know, people come in with the phone, like, “Oh, I have a coupon. It’s right here.” Done, easy.

The print market with, you know, the blue envelope comes to the house. So the people are like, you know, they look for it every month, and they put it up on their refrigerator, and they’re ready to go.

I recommend Valpak to everyone constantly because I know how well it works. You know, and in my community, Belmar, you know, our area here, I want everybody to do it so when people open up that blue envelope, they’re like it’s all about Belmar, and we can get together and everybody sees the benefit.

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