Brian Hobson Karate Studio



Speaker: Brian Hobson, Owner

My name is Brian Hobson of the Brian Hobson Karate Studio and we’ve been a client with Valpak for three and a half months. And the reason why we chose is the recognition and trying to get our name out there in the community just a little bit more.

I really like the demographic feature. Being able to pick and choose what area code I want to mail out to, because I kind of know where most of my clients come from. So of course, I don’t want to have a big range where I know most of my clients do not come from. That’s probably, to me, the most attractive about it.

My representative is very informative. He is really good with trying to give me the correct line of business for what we do in our business. So he doesn’t want to sell me anything that’s not going to work with our line of business.

When that blue envelope comes to your house, it’s very recognizable. I think there are a good percentage of people that understand if they want a good deal, they should at least look through the Valpak.

I’ve talked to people in my business. I see them using it continuously. They always seem to get good results. So it’s a brand that you kind of come to know.

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