Brothers Barbecue

Speakers: Christian Farella, Owner & James Farella, Owner

Chris: Well, I’m Christian Farella.

James: I’m James Farella.

Chris: We’re the owners of Brothers Barbecue and we’ve been using Valpak for four years now. We’re three brothers that love barbecue, you know. We started back originally in 2008 and we were looking to solve a problem.

We love great barbecue and there was no great barbecue around us. You know, every summer we would go down to North Carolina as a family and then we’ll come home and it’s like, “There’s no barbecue, there’s no sweet tea, there’s no Southern food.” So, we used to cook it amongst ourselves together and then it just made sense, it’s like, “Well, you know, let’s do this thing.”

James: And like I said, Valpak is good because it’s going to the household so it’s a family community, and we’re a family restaurant. Those are the kind of customers we’re looking for.

Chris: And we’re looking at expanding our brand out there, so definitely, the whole mail out, you know, everybody getting that, that’s going to be a huge importance to us, sure. You want people to Google “Brothers Barbecue and Coupons,” and you know, you’re going to get people that are looking for deals that come in here.

Coupons, like I said, is not something that, you know, catches our attention, but we understood that part because we know people are on Google. You know, people are looking for places to eat, so that made sense to us.

Every year has been exponentially greater than the next, you know, than the last, excuse me. We’re getting ready to open a restaurant in another market. We have our barbecue sauce in supermarket stores right now.

James: Yeah, I would definitely recommend it because the difference between Valpak and other advertisers was that it was bringing people in, but people aren’t coming in just to get something.

You know, yeah, getting that 10% or whatever they were getting off the meal was a reason for them to come in but they were actually spending the money with us. They weren’t looking to come in and just spend the smallest amount of money just to check it out, they were actually spending quite a bit of money with us, you know, and I think the coupon was bringing them in. So it was kind of doing what we wanted it to do.

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