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Speaker: Kevin Kramer, Marketing Director

Here at Bud’s we’ve been involved with Valpak for about four years now. We were looking for a very cost effective way to market directly to the clients that we’re trying to get.

In our industry, we’re going after homeowners and we don’t need renters or people living in apartments, so Valpak’s able to have that data that we couldn’t get on our own, and mail directly to the neighborhoods that we’re trying to reach.

Through their demographic studies, through their marketing, through their consistent message that they helped design for us, we’ve had an increase in sales, increase in service and increase in revenue.

One of the biggest benefits we’ve had with working with Valpak has been the team that we work with locally. Most companies offer you a salesman who’s going to put together some product and print it for you. We actually have a team of marketing people, experts that give us great advice, know what we’re looking for, understand our industry and take time to know a lot about our company.

With Valpak we actually have a marketing expert, somebody that knows what they’re doing, that gives us great advice and a great relationship, so there’s a huge difference.

Valpak tracking reporting has given us the tools to see how effective our campaigns are to know if we need to make changes. What’s getting customers to click, what’s getting customer to call the Valpak tracking numbers, and then we can look and see specifically what’s working and what’s not working.

There’s about 380 companies in our area doing this business, doing what we do. In Valpak there’s only a handful of us and if you’re not in Valpak, you’re not a legitimate company in most customers’ eyes. You’re just not there.

It’s a very, very cost effective way to market. If you don’t have a marketing staff, if you can’t, if you’re not large enough to afford one, or if you are, you’re not going to find a more effective way to market to people that already know what they’re doing. They do this for a living. Let the marketers market.

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