Castrol Lube Express


Speaker: Paul Eidbo, President

When I bought the first business it had not been growing, and I met my rep right when I bought the business. We started working with Valpak almost right away. With each location that we bought, they were in similar circumstances, not really growing, and when we went in and started using Valpak, it had an immediate impact. We started seeing growth, and new customers coming in right away.

Knowing what sort of results we’re going to get with Valpak, from the onset we have enough experience and enough data to look back and know that when we start doing it, we’re going to see a certain return, we’re going to see a certain redemption rate right away. So to go into a new business, and know what to expect, is great value to know right away that we’re going to be able to get new customers coming through the door.

We’ve tried working with other direct mail companies. None of them have gotten us the same results that Valpak had. At times we’ve tried working with different ones, and it’s a different customer that’s coming in that’s using Valpak. So in the course of trying them and different things over ten years, we only work with Valpak, and we hear from the others all the time. They’re always trying to either offer something cheaper, but we know what results we’re going to get, and Valpak’s always been worth it.

As people have been doing more of their searching and making purchase decisions online, Valpak has had something that customers can transition right over to, so I don’t know that any of the other print companies have such presence online, but we can now look at Valpak’s online data to see how many people are viewing our coupons, printing our coupons, which has been extremely helpful for us. So we can tie that right back to our actual customers coming through the door.

We’d definitely recommended Valpak to other businesses. They’ve been great for us since we’ve started ten years ago. They’ve always been part of our marketing program and we see that continuing into the future. I don’t know what else we’ll be working with, but I know we’ll be working with Valpak.