China Star


Speaker: Ann Lo, Owner

We are China Star Restaurant and we’ve been with Valpak for 10 years. We try to get the menu out and message out so it can draw some new customers. Valpak helped me to get regular customers and keep coming back again and again. Repeat customers, again and again.

They have the ability to give out the menu and the message out for the new customers and also Valpak is very affordable cost, low-cost. I have delivery, I have take-out orders and catering. So the Valpaks work very well for me. When the customer brings in the coupon, it’s from Valpak. It makes me feel good because I know that my money that I put out sends a message and it works for me. So I’m really happy with Valpak. They really help you improve the business.

I will recommend Valpak to everybody out there because the Valpak has helped my business, China Star, grow the business, increase the business. I would recommend Valpak for anybody out there.

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