CiCi’s Pizza


Speaker: Terry Anderson, Marketing Director

CiCi’s began advertising with Valpak in 2013. We began to look for something that would increase, not only our advertising presence, but also align us with other top notch companies. We found that in Valpak. The full Valpak solution with print and digital is head and shoulders above any other local mailers that we were working with. Most of them didn’t have digital at all. With Valpak, from the mobile application to just the traditional online, is just much more user friendly.

The ability for them to go out and find big name sponsors to be on the outside of the envelope creates a higher quality perception when it does show up in a home, and so it has helped us up our game and who we’re associated with. Valpak’s tracking and reporting helps CiCi’s tremendously. Not only do the coupons come in as a physical example that the ad works, but being able to go and look and see what the digital presence has done for us going in and looking at the impressions has made us be able to actually see what our marketing dollars are doing.

CiCi’s would absolutely recommend Valpak because of the ease of use, the exposure that it creates and the return on investment that it produces month after month.

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