The Closet Factory


Speaker: Jeff Bruzzesi, Owner

My name is Jeff Bruzzesi and I’m the owner of the Closet Factory in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I’ve owned it for the past 13 years, and I started advertising with Valpak 13 years ago, approximately the same time that I bought the business. During that time Valpak has generated over 2600 leads and over $3 million in sales.

I had read about Valpak. I knew I had to have a direct mail piece that would reach as many of my potential clients as possible and in the research that I did, I found that Valpak was the best choice for my company. Valpak has built great brand recognition for my company, for my product. It has enabled me to reach markets before that I was not reaching, and it’s just been a fantastic way for me to generate business.

I’ve used every direct mail piece that’s offered in this market in the 13 years I’ve been in business, and the advantages of Valpak are they mail every month, they offer total market coverage and they offer a consistent message that you cannot achieve with any of the other direct mail companies in this area.

The fact that Valpak offers call tracking is extremely important to me, because I have to be able to measure and have analytics on every dollar that we spend and the return on the investment that I receive from those advertising dollars. Call tracking enables me to track all of the calls that come in and to determine if my advertising dollars are working or not working, and that’s very important for me and for anybody that’s in business, is advertising.

I’ve been active in this market for 13 years. I’ve done every type of direct mail, TV, radio, newspaper, print, and Valpak continues to be one of my top lead generators. I think it’s a must for anybody that has an ad budget and is spending money to advertise and grow their business.

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