Color World® Housepainting


Speaker: Tom Hodgson, Owner

My name is Tom Hodgson with Color World Housepainting. We’ve been working with Valpak since 1997. We decided to do our digital program with Valpak mainly because of their infrastructure being able to handle a company our size. Now that we started franchising, we have multiple franchises in other cities. We wanted to have local websites for each individual city that comes on with us. We wanted to be able to have a main corporate site and have somebody that’s large enough to be able to handle us. Our current franchises right now, not only do we have a Columbus corporate office, but we’re also in Cincinnati. We actually have two franchises in Cincinnati, one in Dayton, Ohio, and Louisville, Kentucky.

I definitely recommend Valpak to other companies that are looking to do a digital program because they not only help with websites but they can help with reputation management software, which helps us get our customers to refer and create new business. We feel that it’s been a great opportunity for us to be able to utilize a larger company with a local family feel, which is what we were striving for when we chose who we would want to use for our digital program.

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