Colorado Blinds & Design


Speaker: Judy Magara, Owner

My business, Colorado Blinds and Design, has been around for almost 35 years. I’ve been with Valpak for about 13 years. With Valpak’s help we have enlarged, and it has really helped grow our business substantially. We get repeat business. Sometimes people will see our Valpak coupon and think about calling us again for more window coverings or more services, and it just works very well for us. I don’t have time to mess around with companies that don’t do the right things for me, and that’s why I like Valpak because I feel very comfortable that it is working. The other companies make great promises and don’t deliver. I’ve tried other companies in the past and I wasn’t very happy with them.

I think that Valpak really listens to your needs and understands what’s important to your business to make it work. They’ve helped us with our website and with social media and really got us into areas that we needed to be in to be successful, because you can’t just do printed word these days. You have to do it all with the website and SEO and all of that in order to be successful, and that whole program has worked very well to get us in the right places. I would definitely recommend Valpak to another business owner. It’s worked very well for me. In fact I’ve talked to a lot of people about Valpak. I think the main thing is you just have to be looking at it in a long-term situation so that it works in the long term, and that’s why we’ve stayed with it so long. People just need to start recognizing you in the mailer as well as digitally, and that’s what works is long term, a long-term commitment to Valpak.

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