Crazzy Greek II


Speaker: Beshoui Botros, Owner

My name is Beshoui Botros. We’ve been with Valpak for nine years and the name of the new location, Crazzy Greek II. After the economy crisis and everything was going down, we were trying to figure out something that would help the business a little bit more. And we looked you guys up and the sales started going up and up. So we were trying to get more new customers, build the name here, people know we exist. And obviously, Valpak helped a lot with this.

We’ve only been in this location for eight months and I’m doing almost the same sales the other location took for three years. So we get a lot of coupons every day, especially at nighttime. We do very good dinner here. We do maybe 60%, 70% of our sales at night and most people use coupons, and mostly from Valpak. I do recommend Valpak because it’s different than a lot of advertising companies. Valpak always goes on time. We know when we’re going to get the kick, the hit here on the weekend. When Valpak comes out, it’s a huge difference.

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