Cross Court Tennis Club

Speaker: Ron Young, Manager and Pro

Hi, my name’s Ron Young. I’m with Cross Court Tennis Club and I’m the manager and one of the pros here. And I’ve been advertising with Valpak going on almost eight years. Reason I started advertising with Valpak is I was looking for a more cost-efficient way to get into the homes via the mailboxes. And we were doing direct mailings and saw this as an alternative, also a way to target market with the ZIP codes and zones.

The results I’ve seen in using Valpak have been very eye-opening and measurable. Really like the fact that the reports we get and that the incoming calls are recorded via the tracking number.

I think one of the main differences that Valpak has offered is again, that ability of tracking and getting updated emails from Gary constantly on the incoming leads. Also, on that note with the recorded calls, it’s been a great tool for me in staff training.

You should really consider advertising with Valpak. For Cross Court Tennis, we’ve been able to increase our new customers. We’ve really been able to cut down on the mailing expenses that we used to incur.

I’d absolutely recommend Valpak to businesses out there. They’ve been able to provide us a steady stream of new customers. They’ve been able to give us tracking information. And we’re just now getting involved in the Google AdWords campaign, which is really working well for us.

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