Doody Home Center


Speaker: John Festa, VP of Advertising and Merchandising at Doody Home Centers

My name is John Festa. I work for Doody Home Center here in Brooklyn, New York. We have two locations, Brooklyn and Staten Island. I’m the Vice President of Advertising and Merchandising and we’ve been using ValPak for about 12 years now.

In today’s day and age, newspapers, obviously 12 years ago I think they had some impact. As time goes on newspapers are becoming less and less prominent particularly with young people. But there is a good portion of America still getting information, and deals particularly, through direct mail. With Doody Home Center we’re not giving someone in ValPak just a coupon. We’re actually doing a four-page flyer that’s folded into the size of a coupon.

We just started a postcard program. I’m excited about that because we’ll be able to track where these postcards are coming back from. And now hopefully next year we’ll have a database of customers that we know came back into the store, used the coupon on the postcard and we’ll be able to direct mail to them even more. Having the ability to do digital work now with having text messages, email blasters, that’s been a big help in getting customers into the store.

I would recommend Valpak to other businesses. I think it’s a unique way to get your message out there. They know the demographics. They get our message out in a timely fashion. Having the coupons come back, which we use, it does have a tracking mechanism so we can see what’s going on. I think people today are looking for direct mail coupons that save them money and time.

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