Duluth Diner

Speakers: Erion Ziu, Owner & Christopher Davis, Catering Director

Erion: I’ve been a Valpak client since 2005, since we opened this business.

Christopher: The first few months we weren’t advertising with anybody, and then we started advertising with Valpak and we saw a substantial increase in the number of sales that we got through using Valpak.

Erion: At the beginning, about two or three months, we weren’t that busy. But then, once we started using Valpak, we saw the increase in business since we used the coupons and we can see that in the coupons and the returns.

Christopher: Over the years, it’s been a true joy working with Penny through Valpak, and of course, the increase in sales that we have through the coupons.

Erion: I definitely suggest Valpak to other businesses if they want to increase their business.

Christopher: I would greatly recommend Valpak to other businesses because of the substantial increase in sales that we’ve seen. And I think that other companies would see that same sales increase, as well.