Eastside Big Tom Drive Inn



Speaker: Michael Fritsch, Owner

Eastside Big Tom has been a Valpak client for approximately five years now. The ease of use with Valpak is that I can just say, “I’m thinking of this sort of ad,” and within a couple of days I’ve got a ready, proofed ad on my laptop, or on my computer, or on my phone, even. That’s one more thing, with all the things I’ve got going on in my day, that I don’t really want to be bothered with, that I don’t have to be bothered with.

Without a Valpak coupon, average sale is $16.42. With a Valpak coupon it’s just shy of $30. It’s like $29.81. It’s proven month after month, year after year now, that compared to other media types that I’ve used that bring in one and two percents, I get my five and ten percents. It’s an easily trackable number for me, even in the old fashioned way I keep track of it. If I’ve got a small stack on one side of other competitors piled together, and 500 of a Valpak coupon in a big old pile, rubber-banded all up, the success is obvious.

Valpak is highly recommended in my book. Any time I’ve had folks ask, all I do is show them the coupons or tell them the success stories, tell them how easy my rep is to work with, how easy the ads are to put together, and again, basically how it’s a matter of just saying “Here’s what I want,” and it’s done for me. Probably the closest thing to magic in print that you can ever have done.

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