El Gato Painting & Restoration


Speaker: Ken Slosarik, Owner

Well, El Gato Painting has been a Valpak client since the ’70s. It was before I owned the company. The original owner of El Gato Painting had used Valpak, and when I started in 1990, I remember Valpak going out and the coupons and that was our main source of revenue.

The Valpak system seems to be working the best for me. It’s the most consistent that I can rely on. We’ve had different direct mail advertisers that we’ve used, and it seems like Valpak has been the most consistent. I can always count on them. They’re going to be around. I’ve had some that have come and gone, and they did have different coupons and what not, but Valpak’s always been there.

I have a lot of word-of-mouth business, but to get word-of-mouth business, you need customers coming in in the first place. Valpak has been very instrumental in bringing in new customers constantly. They have the digital advertising plus the direct mail, which is the classic, and they both drive business into our website.

Anytime I can track where my customers are coming from, it makes my life easier. And Valpak’s always been a good solid lead source for us. If you have a company, and you want to advertise, and you want to do direct mail, and there are other areas that I haven’t even utilized with Valpak, if you want a professional service, Valpak is the one.

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