Everglades Holiday Park


Speaker: Clint Bridges, Owner

Everglades Holiday Park has been in business since 1982 and I’ve been working with Virginia Davis and the Valpak team for many years now. I just always thought, “You know, hey, that would be a great idea, let me see if this will work for my business,” and luckily enough it did.

Valpak has positively changed my business because we’ve gotten the ROI that we require from our marketing, and what they do is just an outstanding job for the company. They’ve set the standard on what I gauge my other marketing with. The professionalism that the response when I send an email or a phone call. It’s very rare that you speak to somebody who is a decision maker and that’s what I get with Valpak.

The main difference from my experience with working direct mail as opposed to Valpak is the truth is Valpak works. I don’t know what they’re doing but whatever they’re doing is working. The ROI is what I require as far as my marketing and it absolutely works.

I’d highly recommend Valpak for other businesses, if you’re looking to get into a print coupon for your community. It’s an easy way, it’s an inexpensive way to let the community know that your business is out there and what you’re offering.

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