Feild Family Dentistry


Speaker: Matthew Feild, Owner

My name is Matthew Feild and I work here at Feild Family Dentistry with my father, who has been in practice in this area for 32 years. We have been currently using Valpak for the last three and a half years and have reached out to over 50,000 to 60,000 homes in this area. I think the main and bulk reason my father and I in this practice have benefited from Valpak and why we’re interested in it is the inflow of new patients. When we have a new patient, we here feel very confident in our ability to kind of wow our patients with their first visit.

Of the three offers that we have with the Invisalign and with the bleaching, we find that most of our patients are interested in coming in for the comprehensive exam issue and taking advantage of that. Our office here actually puts a certain specific code for a Valpak coupon user so that at the end of every month, we use that to track how many new patients we have each week. Is something working? Is there an influx or deflux, and do we need to rearrange our efforts? As healthcare practitioners, you should always be searching for new patients and new ways to meet people in our areas, and just put your name out there.

Because if you’re so confident in the product that you’re putting out there, why not have a new way to bring new patients into your office? I would absolutely recommend the use of Valpak to other users. The biggest reason is just that another way, besides all the other ways of marketing to reach out to new patients in the area and to let them know that you exist, and get them in the door so that you can provide that excellent care that you’re accustomed to.

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