Fiesta San Antonio Commission


Speaker: Susan Otis-Garrett, Director of Marketing

The Fiesta Commission of San Antonio has been a Valpak client for over seven years. With Valpak they have multiple products, so it allows us to be on-pack, in the circular, be creative for how we look at expanding the program for the next year, so they have multiple products that we can actually work with.

Valpak reaches 250,000 households. I believe it’s changed our business by getting to households that we could not normally reach. Valpak helps us to reach the families and consumers in our marketplace.

They do all the tracking for us, whether it’s bar-coding, couponing, whatever we need they track it so when I get ready to do my after-action reports I have that information to work with. I’ve realized how far of a reach they have, and how much there is yet to grow with Valpak.

In building a partnership we look at long-term relationships, and because of the people we work with and the way they market and the way they handle themselves, I think for me it’s made a huge difference in how we move ahead with working with Valpak. I would definitely recommend Valpak to anybody. It’s a key ingredient to any marketing plan.

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