Five Star Swim School


Speaker: Paige Miller, Manager

My name is Paige. I’m the manager at Five Star Swim School in Eatontown and we have been a Valpak client for about three years now.

We chose Valpak because of their wide audience. We get the digital, the mailers that go out and it just reaches a lot of customers. Using the digital products has probably been our biggest success with Valpak. That’s the coupon we see coming in, throughout the day, almost every single day.

Working with Valpak has helped up grow our client base. We get a lot of people in through the door for their swim lessons with the Valpak coupons for their free trial class. With the online coupons, the mailer coupons, people have just heard about us just from seeing the mailers that come out, their neighbors get them. So it’s definitely helped us build up our clients.

I would recommend Valpak to other businesses. They have a huge reach, they’re really easy to work with, they kind of work with us to fit our needs and it has really helped us grow our clients.

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