Frankie’s Pizza


Speaker: Frank Guardascione, owner

My name is Frank, last name is Guardascione, obviously it’s an Italian last name. I’ve advertised with Valpak since 1990 and I’m very, very happy with Valpak since 1990.

People, they come in with the advertisement we run in the Valpak, that they like to book catering menu, because they see the advertisement in Valpak.

I like the area they cover. The way they represent the coupon in the envelope is very important. The coupon looks pretty good, they’re nice and shiny. Some other people don’t like to see other companies coupons, it’s dull, and you can see through, it looks like a good catch with Valpak. People, they come in with the special menu, the one we advertise in Valpak.

It’s easy to work with Kathy because she’s easy to get along with. We both understand the same thing. I like to deal with her, she’s wonderful.

Yes, I would recommend it to any other one because I have a very successful response with the advertisement on Valpak, that’s why I believe Valpak works.

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