Frontier Cleaners


Speaker: Greg Buce, Owner

I’ve been a Valpak client here at Frontier Cleaners for 12 years now. I knew that when I was starting a business I needed to get into some sort of direct marketing, and Valpak was the first one that had been recommended from a friend, so I jumped onboard with that.

I think the positive effects are that I can target the neighborhoods around me that I really want to hit. I can get my coupon in front of the face of maybe someone that just moved into the neighborhood and I can get them to come visit my store.

I’m big on customer service here at Frontier Cleaners. I’ve been with other direct mailers before and I’ve had a whole lot of, ” I’ll do this and do that,” and just never followed through, and at Valpak I have reps and I’ve had reps in the past that are great with customer service.

I love my sales rep. She’s awesome. She comes here and takes time out of her day to help me count coupons and we get a great return from Valpak. That’s just great customer service to me. That’s something I appreciate. I have a lot of stress of my own outside of advertising that I don’t have time to stop and put a plan together. It’s just a great price point and it’s been a great experience.

I know that as a small business owner we’re looking for any type of help to make sure that we can take care of our business as well as succeed in taking care of our advertising, hitting the right places. I have recommended Valpak and I will continue to.

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