Garrows Family Practice

Speaker: Dr. Tony Garrow, Owner

My name is Dr. Tony Garrow. I’m practicing in New Jersey for about 17 years, and about 10 years ago or so I decided to start advertising with Valpak. I do a lot of advertising in many different avenues and marketing. Valpak just seemed like the best type of advertising in that category, so it’s brought a lot of traffic to our office.

Our primary vehicle of advertising was promoting massage therapy. People would come in, decide they wanted to do chiropractic or a weight loss program and really our two main advertising avenues for the massage therapy is Valpak and then just signage, and we built almost the entire practice just on that alone.

It’s very easy to do Valpak, especially working with Deb Kasey from the local Valpak area. She’s always there. I can text her, email her. She’ll stop by and you can change your ads on a regular basis. They give you ideas, they do the design for you so it’s very easy to use.

I highly recommend it for other chiropractors and other medical offices. I would think dentists. Valpak is just so easy and convenient to use, very affordable and you get very regular customers and foot traffic, so I very strongly recommend using it as one of your advertising vehicles.

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