Gorczyca Orthodontics


Speaker: Dr. Ann Marie Gorczyca, Owner

I’ve been a Valpak client since 1996. Valpak has always been a positive return on investment.

The biggest benefit of Valpak is the extremely wide reach. It reaches over 50,000 homes. Having that paper item in someone’s home for an extended period of time, where they can view it over and over again, leads to a higher response rate.

We have tried other print media, we have tried postcards, we’ve tried television shows, we’ve tried magazines, and Valpak has been the highest, most cost-effective marketing strategy.

The results speak for themselves. When happy patients come in and report that they heard about our office, or recognized our office, already knew about it, already had been referred to our office, but that the Valpak coupon reminded them that they needed to make the phone call, and they had the phone number in their hands, I know that it is effective at getting my phone to ring and getting new patients to start treatment in my office.

Valpak is an effective marketing system for all small businesses, including medical offices, dental offices, or other specialty care. It is effective. It is something that every dentist should consider if they would like to gain new patients in their community.

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