Grease Monkey of Edmonds


Speaker: Doug Hall, Owner

For 20 years, here at the Grease Monkey in Edmonds, we started out advertising with Valpak. It was a word of mouth reputation that we had with Grease Monkey International. They recommended Valpak as a vital part of our business and ever since the beginning, I’ve been advertising with them every month for 20 years.

The marriage with Grease Monkey and Valpak has been a longstanding one and just the good strong name and advertising plays a role in being a successful business. Valpak is number one as far as I’m concerned. The Valpak name has been around for a long time as a powerful name in advertising. And then if you’re part of that, as a business owner, you have that behind you as well. So that’s where it stands out, it’s the reputation that it has. It’s good, honest advertising and it works. It’s a vital part of my business. I would be afraid not to advertise.

It just sets me apart from the other companies that do this type of work that do not advertise. They can struggle at times, so you’ve got to have a good mix of your quality of work, your reputation and advertising. It all works together. For a business to run and thrive, you’ve got to advertise. I feel good about recommending it to other businesses. Valpak is just a good product. It works.

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